Here you can find all the details of the performances with photos and videos 

LED Hoops Act

This Galactic act is performed with new technology graphic hoops which display mind-blowing patterns while performer is dancing tricks to electronic beats. The graphics, movement and the sound are perfectly synchronised together for a stunning visual delicacy.

Hula Hoops Act 

This spectacular Hula Hoops act is fun, talented hoop dance act with many impressive tricks with many hoops in an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Dazzling, surprising, energising and entertaining!

Contact Juggling

Magical and gravity defying performance with crystal balls which seem to float in the air by themselves on the body of the performer. Contact Juggling and liquid dance movements in a mystical atmosphere and talented balancing of crystal balls on head and arms of the artist.  

Fire Performance 

"Around the Sun" Fire Performance is a combination of fire hooping with 4 fire hoops, special effects and big fire props with Asian elements. This performance uses music from Indian and Japanese cultures and combines it with electronic beats and graceful fire dance.